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Above & below: Beautifully kept fields and
stunning views!

Above: Clean, deep-beds in all stables - one of our resident's enjoying a snooze!
With over 20 years experience in caring for horses, your horse would be in safe hands offering
only 5 star luxury. Many people will retire their horses to a field but this doesnt always suit every
horse especially when they have spent their entire life with the luxury of being stabled.
We would keep your horse in a routine of being stabled and turned out throughout the year.
Our permanent residents are kept together where possible, thus forming friendships, bonds and
security. You would be provided with monthly emails and photographs, whilst should you wish
to come and stay, then we are also able to offer accommodation.

This service also extends to horses and ponies who perhaps have sustained an injury but who
still require daily attention and need a calm, quiet place to recover away from a busy livery yard.
We cater both for long and short term stays and can also provide transportation of your horse, pony
or donkey from their current location if required.

Service includes:

* Year round over night or daytime stable livery as required
* Daily or nightly turnout in post and rail fenced paddocks
* Hay / Haylage
* Quality hard feed if required
* All stable and care duties attended to 24/7
* Rug changing as the season dictates
* Fly masks, sun cream, fly spray applied as seasons dictate
* Regular grooming and feet picking out as necessary
* Minor cuts abd grazes cleaned and treated
* Suppliments and medications added as required at owners provision
* 24/7 veterinary cover by local vet
* Rugs automatically sent off for cleaning / repairing etc (chargeable at cost)
* Fields rotated, harrowed and poo-picked
* Toughs cleaned regularly
* Feed buckets scrubbed daily
* A highly professional, well managed service with every need catered for
* Routine feet trimming
* Strict worming regime
* Routine dentistry
* 24/7 On site-Owner and CCTV security measures in place

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